Working with communities and technology to support refugees into higher education.

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Why we exist

Only 1% of eligible refugees have access to higher education, compared to 36% of global youth. In the Middle East, this means that 91,000 young people are missing out on higher education.

This limits their potential to become self reliant, integrate and contribute in their host communities and to help reconstruct their country when they return home.

Losing your home shouldn’t mean losing your ability to learn and make the world a better place.

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The student journey

We are looking at the end to end learning journey for refugees to develop programmes that help them through each step.

  1. Step 1 Awareness

  1. Step 2 Preparation

  1. Step 3 Enrolment

How we work


We use participatory methods to design and deliver programmes with refugee communities.

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Using a combination of digital content, connected learning systems and social media to ensure these programmes are accessible and scalable.

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The future

Building partnerships with local civil society organisations to lead delivery of the programmes working towards a commons of open programme models and resources that support refugees into higher education.

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Support refugees reassemble their educational lives

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We partner with local civil society organisations in the Middle East and the UK, as well as world-leading education institutions on content, research and technology.

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