Just £94 enables a student to complete one of our programs and get a step closer to their dreams.

This year we’ve trained 65 young refugees and will enrol 100 more.

Your donation

We’re a charity and non-governmental organisation, every donation enables us to help train more future leaders.

  • 90% Programmes
  • 10% Operational costs

Over 90% of donations go to programmes that support refugees, paying for staff to run workshops, local teachers, learning facilities and transport so students can study safely. 10% is used to pay our operational costs.

We’ve helped more than 100 students so far this year

Donation tiers

£18 provides a safe place for a student to learn and connect

£21 trains a mentor to provide students with support

£79 trains a teacher to run guidance workshops

£94 funds teaching, space and transport costs for a student to complete the full program