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Press release

London-based charity, Mosaik Education has launched a fundraising campaign through social media channels to support its goal of helping displaced refugees access university.

Established in 2018, Mosaik Education has created a community-driven education programme focused on skills and academic guidance to help refugees access university.

Whilst the global average rate enrolment in university stands at 37%, only 3% of refugees reach university. Not only does this limit their potential employment and contribution to their host community but it also impacts a nation’s ability to rebuild post-conflict with whole generations missing crucial skills.

The campaign, created with the support of volunteers, highlights not only the challenges refugees face but also draw on stories of participants in the programme in Jordan and Lebanon.

Students such as Khaled, an Iraqi refugee living in Jordan, who has been waiting four years to apply for university, shares his experiences in the campaign, ‘I decided to [continue studying] years ago but there is no chance for me as a refugee so I am looking for scholarships. When I develop myself at English language and academic courses it has opened many doors for me”.

Mosaik provides support to refugees through a combination of digital courses and peer-to-peer advice that addresses language skills, information gaps and wellbeing barriers. All programmes are created in collaboration with young refugees and are tailored to the local community, with support from local community groups.

“Education is the key to unlocking the potential of a whole generation of young people displaced by conflict” says founder Ben Webster. “By working with young refugees to leverage their experience and insight about their own context through design and delivery, Mosaik programmes is able to connect with our students in a relevant and impactful way.”

Currently funded through a mix of grants from the UK government, philanthropic foundations and research, Mosaik also relies on individual contributions. A donation of just £21 covers the cost train a mentor to support the students, whist a donation of £94 provides the full funding needed for a student to complete a series of digital guidance workshops .

“The value of this programme lies in not only the long-term benefits of investing in future generations who can help rebuild war-torn countries after conflict” according to former UK Ambassador and Chair of Mosaik Education, Frances Guy, ‘but also in the short-term, as the programme is designed to help students integrate and contribute to their adopted communities. Mosaik’s programmes are at the cutting edge by engaging young refugees in building the tools for their own future.”

The first cohort of 65 students completed the programme earlier this summer. Mosaik is aiming to raise £10,000 through this campaign to help fund its target of reaching an additional 200 young refugees with the programme next year.

Individual donations can be made via