Guidance workshops

Young refugees are often unaware of opportunities for scholarships and struggle to meet the demands of the applications.

We estimate that less than 20% of scholarship applications are eligible for review.

Our workshops, co-designed with youth and their community are delivered with local organisations in Jordan and Lebanon. Mosaik trains teachers at local organisations to deliver online learning materials and to adapt workshops to their local context and. In June 2019, over 100 local and refugee youth were enrolled in workshops taking place in Beirut and the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon and Amman, Jordan.

Refugees co-designing the course
Ahmad standing in a field

“The reason that I was interested in the guidance workshops is because I was confused. I wanted psychology but I wanted to make sure whether it would fit me or not… The person who finds his/her passion can leave a good mark.”
Roula – Student from Syria

The workshops are made up of eight half-day sessions that help refugees understanding the different higher education pathways available to them (local, international or online), the skills to evaluate their options, and support in preparing applications. The modular design of online materials means the programme can be easily adapted and scaled to different locations and be led by local civil society organisations.

Students working at a computer on a Mosaik guidance tool
Hamza standing in a garden

“The program introduced me to so many scholarships I did not know about. It gave me an understanding of university scholarships and their requirements and the different kinds of education. Now I can plan for applying to university.”
Ammar – student from Syria

How you can help

Through small actions you can make a difference in the lives of not only students, but their families and communities.