Dogme toolkit

English is a significant barrier to education, training and employment for refugees.

Most programmes for refugees have teacher centric pedagogical practices and courses rely on out of date textbooks, all exacerbated by COVID-19.

Mosaik’s Dogme Toolkit transforms English language learning for refugees by supporting teachers to make it communicative, human and engaging, online or in the classroom.

“If you don’t know English,
you can’t access anything”

Syrian refugee – Jordan 2020

What is Dogme?

Learner-driven dialogue

Light on materials and technology

Emergent language

How we developed the Toolkit

June-September 2020

  • Built a prototype of training and established an online refugee-led Dogme classes
  • Tested and adapted Dogme techniques for this context with refugee teachers

September 2020

  • Selected for the COVID-19 2020 Humanitarian Education Accelerator
  • Designed an eight-module online teacher training course and a community of practice with refugee teachers

October-December 2020

  • Iterations 1 and 2: 6-8 week training delivered through Zoom, Moodle and WhatsApp-based format
  • Complemented by a Facebook community of practice + online ‘Skill Building Sessions’ with an expert

January-March 2021

  • Iteration 3: Two day intensive Zoom+Moodle training
  • Multi-cohort community of practice and ‘Skill Building Sessions’ led by refugee teachers

April 2021-Present

  • Dogme Toolkit Application, co-designed with refugee teachers: we are building an application that incorporates training and a programme of Dogme-based lessons and techniques, aligned with CEFR

Impact on the classroom

80% of trainee teachers reported that techniques led to increased classroom participation

Students were more attended classes more often and asked for more classes

100% of teachers used techniques and were able to adapt with existing programmes

92% of trainee teachers saw the techniques as very relevant to their context

“The students told me ‘make it [the class] more than one hour, more than two days in a week’ !”
Hadeel, English teacher – Jordan

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