Mosaik English Teacher Training 2024

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Course Description

Mosaik’s English Teacher Training (METT) is an online short course specially created for refugees or volunteers, who are teaching English to refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

This blended course covers key teaching skills such as being responsive to your students’ needs and interests, working with multiple levels, as well as planning and delivering interesting, varied, fun English lessons where students make clear progress towards their goals.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Use Mosaik resources effectively to be able to deliver enjoyable, productive lessons that move tangibly towards students’ goals.
  • Deliver learner centric lessons that treat the student holistically, taking into account their knowledge and experiences and as a key contributor to the learning process.
  • Rely on a new level of English language awareness to be able to effectively elicit, notice, analyse and extend student language output.
  • Create structured task based lessons that achieve learning outcomes and can flex depending on the needs of the learners on the day.

The course will consist of 50% live, trainer-led online sessions and 50% independent or collaborative work. The course is 8 units long. Each unit consists of 3 hours of live interaction, followed by 3 hours independent work.

Who is it for?

METT is a short course specially created for English teachers of refugees based in the UK who are new to teaching or do not yet have formal teaching qualifications. This could include volunteers for community organisations. METT is also primarily geared towards English teachers of adults age 16+ but it is also relevant if you are teaching younger age groups. Ideally English teachers enrolled in METT are currently teaching or will be teaching in the upcoming 3 or so months.

There are no fees for this course. It is expected that all those involved are active English teachers of refugees.

Trainer led sessions

These include live and video demo lessons followed by analysis and discussion of how these show theory in practice. During these sessions, participants will be asked to teach their peers in role-play practice lessons as well.

Independent Study

During independent study time, learners will do some language research to prepare for the questions their students might ask them, read further on the theories discussed in the live session and work with their groups to plan the lessons they will deliver in later sessions. All of the information and instructions needed will be available online.


Trainees are expected to contribute fully to class discussions and to participate meaningfully in group activities both in and outside of live class time. The total time commitment over the duration of the course is 48 hours.

Mosaik will run an info session on 1 February provide an opportunities for prospective applicants to learn more about the course and meet the trainers Click here to register for the info session

Key dates

  • 1 February: Info session to learn more about the course
  • 5 February: Deadline to apply
  • 13 February: start of the course. The training will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6:30pm (UK) for 8 weeks from 13 February - 9 April.

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