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About Mosaik

Mosaik Education supports refugees to access higher education through academic guidance and skills programmes that are designed with and for the refugee community. Only 7 per cent of refugees have access to higher education, compared to 40 per cent of youth globally. Limited access to tertiary education opportunities limits youth’s potential to become self-reliant, integrate and contribute to their host communities, and help reconstruct their home country when and if they return.

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About the Guidance Programme

Through the Guidance Programme, Mosaik provides guidance through workshops, webinars, and unsynchronised courses in partnership with local stakeholders. We aim to equip youth with the skills and resources they need to search for and apply to tertiary education opportunities. The programme has been offered in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Uganda. Mosaik works with facilitators from local communities to deliver learning material online and in person.

Roles and Responsibilities

A GP facilitator will be trained and supported by Mosaik to do one or more of our three types of Guidance Programme activities:

1- Workshops Facilitators:

A guidance workshop covers seven sessions, each covering unique topics designed to empower participants on their tertiary education journey. Mosaik trains refugee facilitators with the skills to effectively deliver the workshop both online and in person while adapting sessions to suit local contexts. Through engaging discussions, they gain clarity and confidence in making informed decisions about their educational pursuits. Our program equips participants with the tools and knowledge to search for and analyze tertiary education opportunities. By understanding the specific requirements of different opportunities, participants can strategically position themselves for success. The estimated level of effort needed for this role is 8-10 working days during one and a half months, accordingly, we offer a part-time consultation contract for the role of a workshop Facilitator for 500 USD and a volunteering agreement for the role of a Co-facilitator for 135 USD to support one Facilitator. A workshop Facilitator will be responsible for:

  • Reviewing the training materials for the Guidance Programme
  • Attending the four-hour TOT session for facilitators of the Guidance Programme.
  • Carrying out the outreach process and contacting participants for data collection.
  • Preparing and facilitating the Guidance Programme’s sessions (seven sessions).
  • Facilitate and follow up on the students’ WhatsApp group.
  • Follow up on and update the student attendance records.
  • Attending the facilitators’ weekly meeting with the Mosaik team (for one hour a week).
  • Issuing students’ certificates and recommendation letters.
2- Webinars Facilitators:

Led by refugee youth, webinars are delivered using their experience and stories to highlight key areas of content from the Guidance Programme, or other topics they feel are important to their peers. The estimated level of effort needed for this role is 3-4 working days during one month, accordingly, we offer a part-time consultation contract for the role of a webinar Facilitator for 200 USD. A webinar Facilitator will be responsible for:

  • Attending the Orientation training sessions and reviewing the materials
  • Developing and editing the Guidance Webinar Training Material
  • Delivering Guidance Webinar sessions and ensuring all students have filled out registration and feedback forms
  • Providing students’ attendance tracking lists for each session
3- Self-Study Guides (Unsynchronized Courses):

To support refugees accessing tertiary education pathways in a way that meets the needs of young people who are not able to join a synchronous version of the programme due to work and family commitments, the Guidance Programme’s unsynchronized course leverages WhatsApp as a platform for student engagement. Learners interact with a chatbot in a more flexible time-space, to receive guidance around identifying and applying for tertiary education opportunities. The estimated level of effort needed for this role is 9-10 hours over two months and a payment amount of 300-425 USD, depending on the number of course completers. An unsynchronized course facilitator (or a Self-Study Guide) will be expected to:

  • Carrying out the outreach and contacting participants for data collection and registration for 50 participants.
  • Attending the Orientation training sessions and reviewing the materials
  • Following up, supporting and responding to students who request support
  • Reviewing students’ CVs and motivation letters and providing feedback
  • Ensure students’ course completion and submission of the End-of-Course surveys (18% completers at least)
  • Issuing and sharing students’ certificates and recommendation letters

Qualifications and eligibility:

Our best candidates for a GP facilitator should be able to:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in any discipline (being a scholarship graduate is preferred, and a Master’s is an added value).
  • Have proven experience in carrying out outreach for eligible participants, including data collection and registration
  • Experience in facilitating training programs for youth (workshops, webinars, and online courses), preferably in the field of education or refugee support.
  • Knowledge of the challenges faced by refugee youth in accessing higher education and familiarity with resources available to support them.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to work effectively with diverse groups of participants and other team members
  • Knowledge of scholarships for refugees and the skillset to pursue opportunities
  • Experience in working with and for refugees in the Middle East
  • Organized, confident, decisive, and enthusiastic. Our facilitators are role model leaders in their communities.
  • Ability to Facilitate sessions and attend weekly meetings remotely
  • Ability to commit and work according to the specified time frames
  • Fluency in English is desirable

Contract and Reimbursement:

Payment will be subject to the working hours of the activity/activities assigned to the facilitator

Duration and Location:

The contract duration will vary depending on the specific activities and locations involved. Facilitators may be engaged on a short-term or long-term basis, with assignments in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Uganda. No specific nationality is required for applicants.

How to Apply:

(Note: Please read the job description carefully before applying) Interested candidates should submit a CV and cover letter outlining their relevant experience and qualifications to byna@mosaik.ngo by June 9th, 2024, with the job’s title in the subject line. (applications with another subject will be rejected

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