Peer-to-peer learning

Navigating higher education systems in unfamiliar countries isn’t easy.

We create networks for students in similar situations to share ideas, offer support and build a community. Each participant is matched with a mentor who was affected by displacement and is now in a higher education program.


“The workshop helped me meet new lovely people. People who came in [to the workshop] shared their stories and the circumstances that they have been through so it allows you to look at a situation from different angles.”
Roula – student from Syria

Peer-to-peer support can prove to be just as crucial as the core skills and guidance workshops, by providing them with a social base which they can lean on and turn to for support.

Ammar sitting at a desk
Ammar sitting at a desk

“The social relations that develop in the workshop between the students provide psychological support. These relations can open new doors for me in life.”
Ammar – student from Syria

How you can help

Through small actions you can make a difference in the lives of not only students, but their families and communities.