Freelance podcast/media producer

Mosaik Education is a UK-based charity that pursues improved higher education education opportunities for refugees, asylum seekers and conflict-affected communities. We do this by working with the community, international universities, and education technology to deliver opportunities that are relevant and accessible. Our distinct approach draws on the knowledge and skills of the affected community to find ‘bottom-up’ innovative solutions to the refugee education crisis.

Mosaik has started a series of Arabic content - “Dardachat” co-created by refugee students to share successes and frustrations about adapting to university under challenging circumstances. Topics are selected by students and content is co-created with the Mosaik team, production partners and psycho-social advisors. Each story produced is typically 5-7 minutes long, with a written version in both Arabic and English. Tasks could include working to find the story “pitch” or “hook”, designing an interview and leading the production.

We are seeking individuals with a passion for crafting stories and with the desire to make a positive social impact. The successful candidates would be working with a team of students and humanitarian and education professionals to help guide the content. The time commitment will depend on the frequency of stories, we aim to produce two stories a month. The provided work will be paid per story.


  • Work with the Dardachat team to guide story creation for our media series.
  • Create a detailed plan, a script or a list of interview questions as needed depending on the story and its format.
  • Create a detailed plan, a script or a list of interview questions as needed depending on the story and its format.
  • Schedule, record and edit each content to a high standard.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with the Mosaik staff to review and sign off at various stages.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Experience in the creation of high-quality media content, whether it is podcasting, journalism or professional communications work.
  • Familiarity with social or humanitarian themes and the refugee context.
  • Records of delivering high quality work to deadlines.
  • Experience working remotely or in distributed teams.
  • Fluency in Arabic and English.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Proficiency in both audio/video production and editing tools.
  • Familiarity with digital audio content distribution methods, technologies, and platforms.
  • Experience working creatively to produce audio with limited resources.

Get in touch

If interested send resume/portfolio of work and rate (for 2-5 minute audio, 2-5 minute video, written piece) to