Volunteer opportunity - Create English teaching resources

About Mosaik

Mosaik Education supports refugees to access higher education through academic guidance and skills programmes that are designed with the refugee community and leverage technology. Today, only 5 percent of eligible refugees have access to higher education, compared to 40 percent of global youth. This limits their potential to become self-reliant, integrate and contribute in their host communities, and to help reconstruct their home country when they return.

About the role

Interested in helping refugees in both the Middle East and Ukraine improve their English language skills? We are looking for volunteers to help us create materials for our Mosaik English Classes that will be used for refugees looking to access tertiary education. If you’re interested please send your CV and a short paragraph about yourself to

What will you be doing?

What would I need to do? The resources that you create will support teachers of refugees in leveraging communicative approaches to learning, such as Dogme. We are creating an online platform that consists of 1) lesson plans (or what we are nicknaming as ‘recipe cards’), 2) diagnostics and 3) assessments with which Teachers can create custom learning pathways for their classes. These pathways will be practically based and adapted to student needs and goals while also abiding by the CEFR framework.

You would be helping us to create learning materials based on this communicative approach. We ask that you create 5 recipe cards (lesson plans) that will support this communicative approach whilst adding structure and guidance for Teachers who are using this communicative pedagogy. For each of these recipe cards you will also identify 2-3 level-specific “external resources” aligned with the topic of the card that can then be used as homework for the students. All together, we anticipate this may take you around ~7.5 - 10 hours.

About you

  • Care about refugee issues and making an impact in this space
  • Have experience in English language teaching
  • Have experience creating lesson plans - were, are or are currently studying to be an educator
  • Are interested in student-driven, dialogue-driven, open learning pedagogies

Why should I volunteer?

You would be supporting our larger mission to help refugees access higher education opportunities. We will have a learning session at the beginning and end of the volunteer period on the topic of Dogme led by Scott Thornbury and Adrian Doff, leaders and experts in the field of English language learning.

How to apply

If you’re interested please send your CV and a short paragraph about yourself to