Charity Accountant

The trustees of Mosaik Education are seeking an experienced accountant to provide ongoing bookkeeping and accounting services.

This includes:

  • maintaining the charity’s underlying books & records
  • preparing management accounts
  • preparing statutory financial statements
  • ensuring compliance with tax & other regulations
  • supporting the CEO with the financial aspects of donor reporting

We have established a solid financial control framework that was positively reviewed by a government international aid organisation as part of a successful grant application. In our first year our accounting records have been maintained in excel with supporting documentation held in google docs.

Now we are looking to partner with an organisation or individual that can help us build on this foundation and grow with the charity in the coming years. Examples of services required by the charity include:

  • maintaining the cash book and reconcile to the charity’s GBP and USD bank accounts
  • recording all transactions in a web-based general ledger system (currently c. 15-25 per month), ideally the same system will also hold supporting documentation
  • submiting gift aid claims for all eligible donations (currently 3 per annum)
  • raising invoices in accordance with donor agreements and support the CEO in performing credit control
  • managing monthly supplier & contractor payments in accordance with the charity’s delegated authority
  • produceing management accounts (at least quarterly) including I&E, cash flow and reserves
  • supporting the CEO in maintaining a strong financial control environment, providing advice on areas for improvement and notifying of changing regulations as appropriate
  • preparing statutory financial statements & support the CEO to manage the external audit/independent examinations
  • ensuring compliance with tax & other regulations (at present the charity is not registered for VAT and does not employ staff, but may do so in the future)
  • supporting the CEO with the financial aspects of donor reporting

Get in touch

To help trustees evaluate the range of options available we are asking all interested parties to provide a short (no more than 2-page) overview that covers:

  • a short introduction to the organisation / individual and the reason for the interest in Mosaik Education
  • the bookkeeping and accounting services the organisation / individual is able to provide including indicative pricing
  • the accounting system(s) used. The Mosaik Education team operates remotely therefore we are particularly interested in organisations that can offer access to a web-based general ledger system. Ideally the same system will also store all supporting documentation and have the functionality to produce management, statutory and donor reporting
  • examples of previous experience. We are particularly interested in any previous experience with organisations working with (a) charities operating in the Middle East or similar; and/or (b) multiple, multi-currency donors and suppliers

Please send your application to by Thursday 31 January.