Peer-to-peer learning – Dadachat

Navigating higher education systems in unfamiliar countries isn’t easy. Dardachat is a platform to share advice, support, and stories about accessing university.

It‘s broadcast through Facebook Live sessions and videos, followed by local meetups for students to discuss challenges and take action.

A screenshot of a student lead Facebook Live event

It’s co-created by a team of Syrian refugees and Lebanese students. Their experience makes the content relevant and accessible.

This year 6 students in Lebanon and Jordan are leading planning and content creation. Since the start of 2019 Dardachat has reached oveer 4000 young people in Jordan and Lebanon.

Refugees co-designing the course
Batoul Outhman running a Facebook Live session

Batoul from Syria

Batoul, a student ambassador in Lebanon, hosted a Facebook Live session on healthy eating and staying focused during Ramadan. Batoul reached out to a dietician to be a guest speaker, hosting a Facebook Live session on May 25, 2019.

Batoul’s video reached over 300 young people in Jordan and Lebanon.

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