English classes

There aren’t many opportunities to take part in quality language programmes. Paid-for courses are unaffordable and free courses tend to use out-of-date methods and irrelevant materials.

We emphasise dialogue and draw on student experiences, making class content relevant to refugees’ lives. Because Mosaik classes don’t rely on expensive course materials they’re cheaper to scale across community centres.

This year we’ll train local English teachers at 3 more community centres in Jordan and Lebanon.

Students engaging in conversation
A photo of Hamza smiling

Hamza from Sudan

“Education is everything. It helped me see my existence and opened my eyes”

Hamza is from a small village in Dafur, which was attacked, forcing him to flee to another part of Sudan, then to Jordan in 2014.

“I am taking the course to remove obstacles to university in order to study social work or political science. I want to help people, in Sudan, all my generation, they are lost – they don’t get education.”

“In the class I learn a lot of things. I am not just learning English. It’s allowing me to develop my critical thinking. I’m focussing on the ideas in the class and how to structure things in a different way.”

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